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Silicone is an indispensable part of our life. It combines the properties of inorganic materials and organic materials. With the features of high/low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance and non-toxic, silicone can be widely used in aerospace, electronics, construction, transportation, medical, food and other industries, forming a unique product system. 

 Javachem X Silicone

Javachem®Silicone new materials has the main theme of Surface management for a better life’。We are always working on the development of new silicone masterials, regarding silicone as main point and creating more derived products。 Provide leading solution to help industrial partners bravely face with the challenges of material applications and work together to improve product performance。 Therefore, we have promoted more environmental-friendly materials in order to create wonderful stories in our lives。 




Chinaplas2019   Meet at Chinaplas2019 

Becoming more environmental-friendly is a new trend of technological development in the plastic industry。 Silicone modification enables materials to have a higher matching degree in the new applications。 Thereby the material is simplified in the product system and it is easier to recycle and reuse。

Javachem®pays attention to the surface management of materials. We will have continuous research and development investment in the technology of material surface aesthetics thus boardening the application markets, improving the environmental space and furnishing life and making life better!

Welcome to our booth 12.2J01  for more communication and exporation of innovation future. 

Chinaplas 2019丨广州·琶洲·中国进出口商品交易会展馆


【Javachem Booth】

Hall.12.2 J01

   Welcomes for more sustainable solutions! 

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